First Steps Center understands that infancy is brief and an important part of your child’s development.  Our mission is to make every precious moment an exciting and memorable one. The first year is so important and a critical time for establishing a solid foundation for learning and growing.  We believe that a rich environment with positive encouragement can give each infant a good start socially and emotionally.

Our philosophy is to teach the children through a fun, yet educational process, while providing a loving and safe environment.  Our most important job is to truly love and care for each individual child.  Our teachers will bring unconditional love and emotional security, a sense of routine and an opportunity to be creative and resourceful.

We encourage our children to use their senses, feelings and intellects to their full potential by introducing challenging activities that will cultivate their curiosity and understanding.  We strongly believe in providing your child with a safe and secure environment.  We encourage our parents to stop by anytime and become a part of your child’s day.